Making a Difference
At Top Marks, we’re proud that our uniforms are exclusively “Made in Canada” and that we’ve grown to become one of the largest suppliers in the country! Rather than follow the trend to manufacture garments overseas, our commitment to make them right here means that we provide steady employment to people in our own community, to fabric cutters, seamstresses, clerical staff and factory floor workers. This helps to stimulate our own economy. It also means we control the quality and pace of production, which guarantees that deliveries are made on time.
We at Top Marks believe that the partnerships we form with our clients go beyond the delivery of uniforms. That’s why we give back to schools that work with us; from specific fundraising events to capital campaigns and foreign student exchange programs that enrich the lives of all those involved. Through the careful selection of causes that reflect community values, we’re proud to have helped improve people’s lives on a local basis and in communities around the world.

We’ve donated clothing to a seminary that works with an orphanage in Burkina Faso and new shoes to a group that helps the less fortunate in Montreal. We’ve given t-shirts to a team of students in Nova Scotia as part of a fundraiser to build new rooms in a school in northern Kenya and we’ve made a financial contribution to Habitat for Humanity to help build affordable family homes for people in need right here in Canada. Like you, we know that every little bit counts!
We have created our own policy for sustainable development with the aid of environmental specialists. We understand that our actions, no matter how small, affect the world around us. We continuously adapt our methods of conducting business in order to ensure a better future for generations to come. Some of our initiatives include: adopting energy efficient lighting, recycling throughout our facility, and transitioning our order forms and information packages to electronic platforms.