Our Services
In our full service, or retail program, Top Marks is responsible for all phases of the uniform implementation. We deal with the parents and students directly. All aspects from fittings to order taking to exchanges are handled by us. Whether you are located in Victoria, B.C. or Halifax, N.S., we can tailor a full service program for your school.
In our bulk, or wholesale program, Top Marks supplies the uniforms to the school, who in turn, sells the uniforms to the parents. We work very closely with the shop manager, who is either a parent volunteer or in the case of many larger schools, a paid employee, to plan inventory and purchases. We realize the importance of maintaining a balanced stock. The shop usually sets the retail price on the garments at a mark up that will generate a suitable profit for the benefit of the school.
Our newest business model is where we partner with a school managing a uniform shop right in the school itself!