Why Top Marks
Build strong relationships with our customers based on trust, confidence and dependability, as well as provide top quality clothing at competitive pricing, never compromising on service.
Our key personnel together have over 130 years of experience in the manufacturing of garments, many of whom have been with us for over 15 years.
We are a family owned business that focuses exclusively on manufacturing and distributing school uniforms. We have local customer service teams in every major city across the country to provide a higher level of customer service.
Our commitment is reflected in our passion to provide the best service to our customers as well as top quality clothing at competitive prices. Our customer is our lifeline. Our goal is to respond to our customers needs to the very best of our ability.
We consider fashion to be an integral part of product development. By designing garments that students will enjoy wearing, enforcing the uniform policy becomes that much easier. As the manufacturer, we have the ability to design new styles tailored to a school’s specific needs.
Top Marks places significant emphasis on quality control. We have our own quality control team who examine virtually every garment for defects. We also use independent laboratories to test for such things as resistance to pilling and abrasion, colour fastness, and fabric strength. Furthermore, we test for shrinkage, fabric weight, and colour consistency from lot to lot.
We pride ourselves on timely deliveries, whether to a shop setup within a school or directly to individual families. Our commitment to inventory allows us to turn orders within the shortest possible time. In fact, during the school year, orders received before 1 PM are normally shipped out the same day. As we are the manufacturer, we have the ability to process small production runs to replenish stock with minimal delay.
Staying committed to manufacturing garments under our complete control in Canada brings about some challenges. Price is one such challenge, yet we are able to remain competitive. It would be our pleasure to do a comparative study of our prices to those of your existing supplier.
In addition to providing steady employment in local communities by manufacturing domestically, Top Marks is strongly committed to making a difference through various ongoing initiatives including giving back to schools who work with us (e.g. fundraising events), and expanding our corporate environmental policy to make our operations greener.