Making a Difference
Top Marks is proud to share that over 90% of our base uniform styles are "Made in Canada". We remain the only company in Canada that operates its own full-service garment manufacturing facility employing fabric cutters, sewers, and specialized administrative staff. Additionally, all custom decoration is completed locally in Montreal, Quebec.
At Top Marks, we believe that building strong relationships with our partner schools goes beyond simply supplying uniforms. That's why we actively give back to our communities through a variety of initiatives. From supporting fundraising events to contributing to capital campaigns and foreign student exchange programs, we aim to improve people's lives both locally and globally. We collectively give back over $400,000 per year to the schools and communities we serve.
At Top Marks, we place a strong emphasis on doing the right thing for the environment. From purchasing and producing locally, to minimizing waste and maximizing use of recyclable materials in our processes and packaging. We take a commonsense approach to our Green initiatives which include: energy-efficient lighting, waste recycling in our facilities, and the shift to more digital communication mediums.