Why Top Marks
With over 30 Years of experience in manufacturing and providing custom School Uniforms to schools across Canada, Top Marks is recognized as the most reliable and dependable school uniform supplier in the industry.

Our relationships with our partner schools have been founded on trust and a commitment to excellence resulting in our ability to consistently deliver high quality custom school uniforms on time, at competitive prices, and without compromising service.
Our team has over 150 years of combined experience in custom school uniform manufacturing, distribution, and retailing. In 2022, Top Marks partnered with DENNIS Uniform, North America’s largest custom school uniform manufacturer and retailer. This partnership will help support Top Marks’ future growth as well as substantially expand its service, product, and technology offerings.
Top Marks is comprised of a team of dedicated and skilled specialists in the school uniform industry. Our headquarters and manufacturing facility are in Montreal, Quebec. Together, we design, create, produce, and deliver customized school uniform items and programs to Schools nationwide. What differentiates us from our competitors is our ability to produce many of our specialized uniform items locally in our Montreal-based factory. Additionally, our Customer Service teams located across Canada are equipped to provide local support to our partner schools, ensuring seamless and outstanding service and attention.
Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our consistent and reliable delivery of superior customer service and high-quality custom school uniforms at competitive prices. Our aim is to meet the uniform requirements of schools, parents, and students through our collective expertise in ethical sourcing, manufacturing, and our deep understanding of partnering and working collaboratively with schools and their respective communities.
At Top Marks, we stock over 375 unique styles in more than 200 color combinations, catering to students from JK to Grade 12. Our extensive range includes specialty tartans, custom blazers, polos, gymwear, pants, shorts, sweaters, and outerwear. Our dedicated team of experts in design, product development, procurement, and manufacturing continually evolve and enhance our products. We ensure that students are comfortable and proud to wear their school's uniform, reflecting our commitment to quality and innovation.
At Top Marks, quality assurance is a top priority. Our in-house Quality Control team performs thorough inspections on every production batch. Additionally, we work with independent labs to evaluate resistance to pilling and wear, colorfastness, PFASs, and seam strength, as well as to verify fabric weight, color consistency, and shrinkage across batches.
We take pride in prompt deliveries, either directly to families or to school-based stores. Our dedication to maintaining year-round inventory for each of our partner schools enables us to process orders for in-stock items within 3 business days during the school year (September to May). For orders placed in May and June for the upcoming school year, orders are shipped within 10 to 20 business days. If an order cannot be shipped complete, it will be shipped in multiple packages at Top Marks' expense. For orders placed in July and August for pre-September delivery, customers can expect their orders within 20 business days. With the capability to locally produce specialty uniform items in our Montreal factory, we can efficiently manage small production runs and react to unexpected demands with minimal wait time.
Focusing on quality, dependable timely delivery, and consistency across our product line, we would be delighted to conduct a comparative study of our overall value proposition versus that of your current supplier.
Top Marks strives to make a positive impact in various ways, such as supporting partner schools through fundraising events, supporting our local economy and workforce, and consistently incorporating environmentally friendly practices in our operations. Such operations include limited use of excessive packaging, recyclable materials, and most importantly, our ability to produce many items locally.